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Russian Consulate in Canada

Russian Embassy Ottawa:
Address: 285 Charlotte Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K 1 N 8 L 5, Canada
Phone: +1613 235-4341, 236-1413
Fax: +1613 236-6342 Open Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am-12:30pm

Russian Consulate Ottawa
52 Range Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K 1 N 8 J 5, Canada
+1613 236-7220, 236-6215, 236-0920
+1613 238-6158

Russian consulate in Montreal:
Address: 3685, Avenue du Musee, Montreal, Quebec H3G 2E1
Phone: +1204 (514) 843-5901, 842-5343
Fax: +1204 (514) 842-2012

Russian Consulate Toronto
175 Bloor Street East, South Tower, Suite 801,Toronto,Ontario, M4W 3R8
Phone: +1-416 962-9911
Fax: +1-416 962-6611

For assistance with applying for Russian visas and information on travel to Russia, please contact us
In Russia +7 812 570 6342

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